Dear guests, we are experiencing an extraordinary situation due to the volcanic eruption on the west side of La Palma near Las Manchas. About 3/4 of the island outside the evacuation zone are freely accessible, the whole east coast from Fuencaliente to Barlovento, the northwest and north of the island and the towns of El Paso, Los Llanos and Tazacorte in the Aridane valley (west side). From there you can observe the volcano from a distance of about 6-8 km. The areas mentioned are inhabited and safe. Shops, restaurants and bars are open. Of course, there may be occurrencies like ash precipitation or road closures. The airport was closed for a few days, so La Palma could only be reached by ferry via Tenerife. With some flexibility and acceptance of the possible restrictions, you can spend your holiday here. Some advise against travelling to La Palma out of consideration for the residents in a difficult situation. In our opinion, this is not a reason. This situation does not change because of some visitors. You should simply ask yourself, do I want to travel under the current circumstances or not, and then make your decision.